About us

Bailey Reynolds and Morgan Foxcroft, two junior's at Orillia Secondary High School, have founded Alant, a clothing brand based in Ontario.

The beginning of Alant

In April 2020, Bailey started the clothing collective as a side project. He is interested in graphic design and wanted to show his art in a way that wasn’t on a canvas. The first few months started off slowly, but then came TikTok.

TikTok isn’t just for dancing

Bailey has taught himself most of the basics to starting a collective, and one suggested the collective turn to TikTok. The two didn’t have a big budget for advertising campaigns, so views on the app would have to do.

One video they posted hit 30,000 views, which brought in a few orders. The two continued to crank out content about Alant and have gained over 1,000 followers. TikTok and Instagram are the company’s main social media platforms, Bailey said.


Alant basics

Bailey- The clothing has a sleek, modern look paired with a streetwear feel, he said. The brand’s target audience is Generation Z, people consumed by social media and phones.

Bailey and Morgan wanted to name a the brand "Alant". The word "Alant" has a lot of meaning behind it, other than it being a short form for blossoming flower. Bailey's mom had a flower on her back so, he thought it would be a great idea to name their collective after that.

Challenges at Alant

A few challenges have popped up, but the founders have remained positive. When the collective was using print on demand, the service got behind on orders, so their shipping times were long. They face world-wide shortages of hoodies and T-shirts, due to COVID-19 and have to go through a sanitizing process when packing orders.

Some challenges come with their age. As a high school senior, it is difficult to figure out how to market a business from scratch, he said. When they communicate with print shops and manufacturers, Bailey gets the feeling that they don’t trust them because of their age.

A world-wide community

What keeps the collective going is the community they’ve created. They don’t care about the money as long as they’re making enough to keep the brand going, he said. A year ago, Bailey couldn’t have imagined the support they’ve received.

The Northwest is the collective’s main market, with Canada being the most popular province. They’ve sent orders to Australia, Canada and parts of Europe. It’s a small business, but people around the world are wearing the clothing, he said.

Where to find Alant clothing

Alant's clothing can be found online at Shopalantbrand.com. This summer, they hope to do a few pop-up shops, such as at Skate events, Drift events, Ohsweken Speedway

Looking towards the future

The collective’s current goal is to establish an office space. Their ultimate goal is to make the company a brand name. Their growth rate is good right now, he said, adding they’re trying to stay on that trajectory.